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-Beyond the Walls is a blog that wants to deal with processes of intermediality and crossmediality in present-day practices of curatorship, sponsoring, policy-making, designing and criticism by individual or collective reflection. Through weekly updates, Cristina, Liana, Rania and myself engage with the analysis of new forms of exhibition displays, nomadic curatorial practices, the problematic concept of the expanded museum and new ways to democratize art.

A Revolution is not a bed of Roses is the title of my upcoming research study centered on the reflection of the social dimension of participation in art and the political implications of practices that depend on situation and locality to elaborate critique. For that matter, I will be mainly using Tania Bruguera’s work “El susurro de Tatlin 6” (2009) as a case study. Tania Bruguera granted in this project the responsibility to the audience, whom were pushed to rethink the boundaries of what those in power define as legal and acceptable. By recreating a situation, Bruguera’s entails a dialogue with the political implications of memory, and therefore opens a discussion of the political responses to the work of Art in the age of its mediatisation, in which images have become organized icons.

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