What’s the Use? (working title) is an upcoming book co-edited by Steven Ten Thije, Nick Aikens, Thomas Lang and Jorinde Seijdel. As a Research Editor, but also as a contributor, I am extending my research on Urban Utopias and Spanish Modern Architecture presented in the exhibition Confessions of the Imperfect. 1848 – 1989 – today in the Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven).

The Art and Autonomy Reader is an upcoming book edited by Sven Lütticken. The Reader is part of the Autonomy Project, which is a network of art and academic institutions that began in 2010. The Autonomy Project seeks to facilitate a number of events to put the problem and practice of autonomy back on the agenda in a time in which the cultural and the intellectual landscape is being remodeled according to the ruling politico-economical ideology. In it, I am trying to incorporate the results of my research on Autonomy and Socially engaged Art in Latin American Art practices and contexts.

– Guest editor for Kunstlicht, Vol. 37 (2016) next to Cristina Marques Moran. With the working title The Art of Impact: The Impact of Public Funding this issue is going to see the light by May 2016.

– Open! Platform on Art, Culture & the Public Domain (formerly known as Open. Cahier on Art & the Public Domain) is an Amsterdam-based publication platform that fosters and disseminates experimental knowledge on art, culture and the public domain. Open! explores the changing conditions of the public domain and new viewpoints on publicness from a variety of international and interdisciplinary perspectives. As a contributor to the creation of an experimental and critical body of thought, I have published a review on Isabell Lorey’s book State of Insecurity. Government of the Precarious (Verso books, London, 2015).

Research Centre for Arts in Society examines both historical and actual transformations of the arts, and it does so both in fundamental and applied, and in empirical an theoretical research. Next to Dr. Pascal Gielen and with the support of the Centre and the University of Groningen, I am extending my research on institutional contexts, concentrating primarily on the relationship between social movements and artistic practices since the late 1980s.

– LIMA is a centre of media art and performance that researches new methods for the documentation, transmission and preservation of media art, digital art and performances. Based in Amsterdam (Netherlands), LIMA examines emerging models for the conservation and documentation of artists’ performance and draws upon the practices of dance, theatre and activism in order to identify parallels in the concept of a work and related notions of authorship, authenticity, autonomy, documentation, memory, continuity and liveness. Invited by its director Gaby Wijers, I am nowadays collaborating with LIMA on a new research project. More to come soon…