Precarity as a common foundation for `Networks of Subsistence´ is and Academic Article that builds a theoretical analyses contrasting relevant literature around issues of Precarity, Social Reproduction and practices of Commoning. It has recently been published in the Academic Journal Art and Identity Politics part of their Vol.19 titled Precarious Condition and Art. You can find the entire volume here, or my entire article here.


Maintenance will be the title of an exhibition curated by Adriannë van der Werf in De Ruimte (Ghent) in which I have been invited to participate from the 1st to the 3rd February. More coming soon!…


Artist Karina Beumer invited me to write an article in her new catalogue, which will represent a reflection on a project she has been developing for more than a year. More coming soon…!!!!!!


Publication of Commonism. A New Aesthetics of the Real (Valiz, 2018). After half a century of neoliberalism, a new radical, practice-based ideology is making its way from the margins: commonism, with an o in the middle. It is based on the values of sharing, common (intellectual) ownership and new social co-operations. Commoners assert that social relationships can replace money (contract) relationships. They advocate solidarity and they trust in peer-to-peer relationships to develop new ways of production. Two articles of mine will be published in this amazing reader.

Artists Iñaki Álvarez and Ariadna Rodriguez, integrants of the collective NyamNaym, have asked me to collaborate and write a text in the publication It is the microorganisms that will have the last word funded by BcnProducció’18.