Fireplace organizes the day What space does art need? A day to share and reflect on other models to exhibit, produce and manage art today. With the presence of different agents and professionals of the artistic sector, I have been invited to discuss on how artistic projects in a particular territory can be articulated in different ways. The session will take place on Saturday 10th March in Centre d’Art Maristany (Sant Cugat, Barcelona).


From the 18th till the 21st March the CCQO will visit Amsterdam and we will be meeting with Sustainist Design Lab The Beach, cultural organization European Cultural Foundation or Splendor among others.


I have been invited to the conference The (re)Birth of Marx(ism): haunting the future celebrated in Meynooth University (Dublin, Ireland) in May to present my research. The conference is intended to bring Marxism and Marxismto life, in many different ways. There will be academic and activist contributions from many different disciplines and Marxist traditions, and the conference will highlight dialogue and critique between Marxism and other theoretical and political approaches, between different generations and between theory and practice.


Frame is a biannual journal of literary studies, which publishes articles by international theorists along with important lectures, interviews, and critical reviews. For their Fall/Winter issue 2017 titled Precarious Work Precarious Life, sociologist Pascal Gielen and myself wrote an article about how the art field can function as a battle field from where to test counter-hegemonic labour organization based on the Commons or processes of Commoning.


Artists Iñaki Álvarez and Ariadna Rodriguez, integrants of the collective NyamNaym, have asked me to collaborate with them in a really intriguing project called The microbes will have the last word funded by BcnProducció 2017/18. More coming soon…


13006549_1129304577101159_4702382857074304679_nWhat’s the Use?  co-edited by Steven Ten Thije, Nick Aikens, Thomas Lang and Jorinde Seijdel and published by Valiz.



PHD research grant by the prestigious Odysseus Grant of the Flemish Scientific Fund at the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA). The research is executed by an interdisciplinary team directed by sociologist Pascal Gielen at the Culture Commons Quest Office.