Despite the constant professionalization of the arts, artists today have a vulnerable position. Earlier research puts us on a number of facts. D.I.T. (Do it Together) Is an initiative of Kunstenpunt to seek solutions with the broad arts sector. How can artists organize themselves together? What (new) role can both major institutions and small organizations play to support artists? How can there be a better salary for the artistic performances that artists provide? What alternative models are possible? What initiatives can artists and organizations take together to strengthen the position of the artist? These are some questions that will be raised during the seminar on the 1st June 2017 in Brussels where I have been invited to give a key lecture next to sociologists Pascal Gielen and Louis Volont on Precarity.

Frame is a biannual journal of literary studies, run by (former) students of Utrecht University, which publishes articles by international theorists along with important lectures, interviews, and critical reviews. Since its establishment in 1984, it is the only Dutch publication forum that allows for a centered discussion on comparative literary studies. For their next issue (Fall/Winter) sociologist Pascal Gielen and myself are working in a collaborative article that will question the Art field as a laboratory for organizational alternatives to cultural precarity.


What’s the Use?  co-edited by Steven Ten Thije, Nick Aikens, Thomas Lang and Jorinde Seijdel and published by Valiz.
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PHD research grant by the prestigious Odysseus Grant of the Flemish Scientific Fund at the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA). The research is executed by an interdisciplinary team directed by sociologist Pascal Gielen at the Culture Commons Quest Office.