Wellness Centre “Future Proof” is an attempt to reflect and act from the supposition of a ‘potential apocalyptic threat’. It aspires to add an extra but nevertheless essential dimension to the concept of “common sustainability” in our Anthropocene. At the core of this limitless grandiloquence lies a feeling of deep-seated doubt: if more than 15,000 […]

This text is an adaptation of a lecture given on May 26th 2018 in Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Ghent/BE) under the title Grey Zone, which was part of the public program of the exhibition Civil Disobedience in In De Ruimte (Ghent/BE), curated by Adriënne Van der Werf and Robert. I hope to be able to include in […]

What follows is an extraction from a longer article co-written by sociologist Pascal Gielen and myself that goes under the title Precarity as an Artistic Laboratory for Counter-Hegemonic Labour Organization published in the Academic journal Frame , biannual journal of literary studies, Fall/Winter issue 2017  Precarious Work Precarious Life Building a Counter-Hegemony Through his analysis of the […]