On how Buffy killed more than vampires


In the text On how Buffy killed more than vampires. Fandom poaching & fans as collaborators I analyzed the extension of the term “to poach” (Henry Jankins, 1992), contrasting its meaning with a practical case as Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show.

Henry Jenkins has argued in many occasions that fans make use of the internet as a “base for consumer activism” where the reader “poaches” dominants meanings and values and make them their own in a resistant activist manner. This text wanted to point that many franchises are nowadays accepting fan fiction as a potential tool where fans are not “poaching” anymore, but instead, are helping to expand the franchise world itself. Can then fan fiction be studied and accepted as an important contributing part of a transmedia storytelling phenomenon?

The extension of the text is around 2500 words and was presented for the Transmedia Storytelling Symposium in the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. In case you would like to read it all please contact me by email and I could easily send a copy.