Wellness Centre Future Proof

Wellness Centre “Future Proof” is an attempt to reflect and act from the supposition of a ‘potential apocalyptic threat’. It aspires to add an extra but nevertheless essential dimension to the concept of “common sustainability” in our Anthropocene. At the core of this limitless grandiloquence lies a feeling of deep-seated doubt: if more than 15,000 scientists show that the point of no return already almost passed, isn’t it time to separate the ‘threat for a potential apocalypse’ from the realization that the question ‘or ( and how) the apocalypse will take place’ doesn’t really matter anymore?

Wellness Centre “Future Proof” was held in the MUhKA, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (Belgium) and was a result of a close collaboration between artists Liesje De Laet, Katinka de Jonge, Karina Beumer, curator Juan Canela and myself as a researcher.