I practice research as an Archaeology of Relations: an Active process of Entanglement. As in quantum entanglement, I understand the act of research as a state of constant interaction in which each particle cannot be described independently of the state of the other(s). I have always understood knowledge production as a process of an emotional legacy; as an assemblage of diverse sources coming from different networks of care, affection and mutual support that exist in constant evolution around me. What you will find below is a collection of texts, exercises, images, drawings, drafts or just not-quite-yet worked ideas that however seem worth sharing at this stage. All of these interests point towards different lines of research in which I am, or have been, involved lately. As argued, I do not understand any of these pieces as my own texts or ideas, as they are all results of conversations, discussions or affective exercises made in common.

Precarity as a common foundation for `Networks of Subsistence ́
From Creative Klasse-an-sich to a Creative Klasse-für-sich
Building a Counter-Hegemony
Cuidado Crítico
This is not a Love Song
Between Multiplicity – On (re)production and Privileges
It is the Microorganisms that will have the last word
A Common Oikos
Becoming Grey in a Grey Zone
A Revolution is not a Bed of Rouses
The cinematic meaning of presence
My own truth
To shape or to serve?
Culture as a Resource