PUB. Journal Issue n.2 – From Precarity. I have used my key lecture during the tribunal/conference “This is (not) a love song”, celebrated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academi (Amsterdam) to inform the text that has been published in this issue. The text is titled On forms of Engagement and I argue how alternative forms of engagement should start by creating forms of collective struggle based on the sustainability of its members through circuits of interdependency, affection, solidarity and care.

Publication Prekariart. Labour in Contemporary Art: precariousness and alternatives. This edition counts with different articles that were presented during the congress Prekariart in the University of Bilbao (Spain). My article Precarious Recipes: Networks of Subsistence is within many other great contributions!

Commonism. A New Aesthetics of the Real (Valiz, 2018). Edited by sociologist Pascal Gielen and artist Nico Dockx, this book presents an exploration of a new radical, practice-based ideology, which is making its way from the margins: commonism. Departing from this idea, I have written, next to Pascal Gielen, an article titled Precariat: A new revolutionary class? (2018) and conducted an interview, also published in this volume, with architect Santiago Cirugeda (Recetas Urbanas).

Artists Iñaki Álvarez and Ariadna Rodriguez, integrants of the collective NyamNaym, have asked me to write an article for their book and project The microbes will have the last word funded by BcnProducció 2017/18.

Frame , biannual journal of literary studies, Fall/Winter issue 2017  Precarious Work Precarious Life

What’s the Use?  co-edited by Steven Ten Thije, Nick Aikens, Thomas Lang and Jorinde Seijdel and published by Valiz.

Guest editor for Kunstlicht, Vol. 37 (2016) next to Cristina Marques Moran