In 333 BCE during the campaigns of Alexander of Macedon against the Persian Empire, Alexander was advancing with his army across Anatolia and came to Gordion. While at Gordion, the Macedonian king informed Alexander about a special wagon that was situated in the Temple of Zeus. The pole of the wagon was tied to the […]

Culture has become a major resource, playing an important role in social and economic developments. As in many cases, such a transformation has brought negative and positive aspects that need to be carefully studied since they are problematically intertwined. From one side, cultural and creative industries generate jobs and increase local income. But from the […]

The infinite circuit of possibilities created by the organization of items in an exhibition space is finally subjected to chosen connexions made by a curator or group of curators. Therefore, the definitive relation established between different objects in a specific space will communicate particular messages to the audience that will be deciphered by the use […]

Josh Harris founded in 1999 the project Quiet, an art project that enlisted hundreds of volunteers to live communally in a warehouse fully equipped with webcams.

In the text On how Buffy killed more than vampires. Fandom poaching & fans as collaborators I analyzed the extension of the term “to poach” (Henry Jankins, 1992), contrasting its meaning with a practical case as Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show.

Since the beginning of the 1960s, many cultural practices have strongly demanded that art must be set free. However, free from what? Robert Smithson has defined museums as “cultural prisons”, places where vacant rooms transform works of art in pure elements to be consumed (Smithson 1996, 155). Therefore, in Smithson’s eyes, art should be set […]

Reflections is a collective project from Rocco Berger, Serafin Alvarez, Lara Garcia and  Konrad Hempel, which consists of 16 loud speakers arranged in the space.

Reading was selected to be part of the S/T exhibition in the University of Barcelona in 2009.

Sound installation created in collaboration with Serafín Alvarez and Lara Garcia. It consisted of 12 speakers with 6 recordings from Barcelona and 6 recordings from Berlin placed behind two superposed maps of its cities (Barcelona-Berlin).